Hi guys

Either rtf2latexe does a very bad job, or I'm missing some tips on its usage.

Heading 1 gets translated to Section* instead of Section, and it'd be
good if Title were mapped to Chapter and not left alone. What's more,
anything more than a Heading 3 gets no section at all. I believe up to
Heading 5 can be mapped with Paragraph and Subparagraph. What's worse
is that there are plenty of forced spaces here, there and everywhere,
along with some other gibberish that I did not want LaTeX to give me.
When I typed the document(s) in Word or Writer, I did no formatting at
all (myself) except for selecting paragraph styles (headings). In HTML
terms, that'd mean:

<h1>Some Section</h1>
La la la la...
                           <-- this blank line here simply means new
paragraph, not "forced" space
Bla bla bla...

What's even worse is that there appears to be no active html2latex
project. I do not see it anywhere in my distribution (I'm using Linux)
and I wonder whether there's any story to that. Anyway, even if there
were, I'd have to resort to online 'cleanup' tools to paste my
document and get some clean HTML markup. Neither Word nor Writer
outputs anything useful, and I don't want to go through the hoop of Ms
Word > Writer > LaTeX extension > TeX file with gibberish when my
document in fact is dead simple.

So...is there a way to import and export _very_ basic documents? If
not, it's time to get coding (note to self as well as others). I
didn't manage to use LyX's import functions as even with rtf2latexe I
don't see an option. I did see HTML import before but after
reconfiguring recently it is nowhere to be seen in the UI.

The process should preserve only the layout and structure (i.e.
sectioning). There is no need to deal with figures or tables, and even
retaining formatting (bold and italic fonts) is not a requirement.
Paragraph spacing should conform to LyX settings, whereby an empty
line is removed if there is no provision for such spacing in LyX.

This way, one could use Word or Writer to finish up the content, save
to RTF or HTML, and then import in LyX. Really, this is theoretically
a no-brainer, since you'd be dealing with only headings. It can be
accomplished with sed!


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