On 05/14/2012 08:36 AM, Rashif Ray Rahman wrote:
Hi guys

Either rtf2latexe does a very bad job, or I'm missing some tips on its usage.
It looks to me as if this is under active development:
so you could try reporting bugs there.

What's even worse is that there appears to be no active html2latex
project. I do not see it anywhere in my distribution (I'm using Linux)
and I wonder whether there's any story to that. Anyway, even if there
were, I'd have to resort to online 'cleanup' tools to paste my
document and get some clean HTML markup. Neither Word nor Writer
outputs anything useful, and I don't want to go through the hoop of Ms
Word>  Writer>  LaTeX extension>  TeX file with gibberish when my
document in fact is dead simple.

Writer does a much better job nowadays than it used to do, because the LaTeX output is more configurable. Try the "Ultra clean article" export, for example. (There's no need
to involve Word in any way here.)

Better yet, download the writer2latex binary from
and the PyODConverter from:
and you can do it all from the command line. E.g.:
    python DocumentConverter.py myfile.rtf myfile.odt
    w2l -clean myfile.odt


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