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> Either rtf2latexe does a very bad job, or I'm missing some tips on its usage.

Or it's not the latest version? Current version is 2.0.1, see

> Heading 1 gets translated to Section* instead of Section, and it'd be
> good if Title were mapped to Chapter and not left alone. What's more,
> anything more than a Heading 3 gets no section at all. I believe up to
> Heading 5 can be mapped with Paragraph and Subparagraph. 

How shall rtf2latex2e know that YOU want it THIS way?
The heading conversion above is default setting, but it can be changed.
In the subfolder ./pref there is a file r2l-map in which it is specified
how headings are to be converted.

> What's worse
> is that there are plenty of forced spaces here, there and everywhere,
> along with some other gibberish that I did not want LaTeX to give me.

What are the rtf2latex2e calling parameters?
Maybe you should call rtf2latex2e with the option -p1, not higher, see

> When I typed the document(s) in Word or Writer, [...]

That is a big difference. rtf2latex2e is aimed at Word's rtf output.
Rtf from OOo and LibreOffice is broken.

Hope that helps,
Wilfried Hennings

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