Rudi Gaelzer <rgaelzer <at>> writes:

> Ignacio, the best solution is to define a math macro: go to the beginning of 
> your text and click on  
> Insert -> Math -> Macro
> An ERT box will appear, where you can (re)define your macro.  In place of 
> \newmacroname type \sen.  In the TeX box type:
> \mathop \mathrm{sen}\nolimits
> In the LyX box simply type:
> \mathrm{sen}
> That's all, you'll be able to see the coveted "sen" symbol in instant preview 
> and the output (dvi, eps, pdf) will also be correctly rendered.
> I do that all the time with my texts in Portuguese for mathematical symbols 
> such as sen, senh, sech, cosech, cotan, cosec, etc.

Well, that's right, BUT _if the document language is Spanish_ none of that is
needed, since babel-spanish does it automatically for you.
You writes simply "\sen" (or "senh", "\tg"...) inside the ecuation. That's all
you have to do. (The set of math predefined functions in Spanish is available in
the Spanish version of the manual "Math", sec. 15.1) 
Thanks for your input


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