Hello. Does anyone have experience with writing APA format papers using Lyx? If 
so, I have a question about an error in the Lyx APA format example paper (found 


When compiling the text into pdf format, the acknowledgments section does not 
appear in the pdf paper. Neither does the "Note" section. Any help someone can 
give to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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Am 30.12.2010 08:11, schrieb Maaneli D:

> 1. I would like to be able to modify my footnotes so that instead of being 
> labeled by numbers, they can be labeled by the star or diamond or clover 
> symbols, or any other symbol I prefer.

See sec. 4.2.1 "Footnote Numbering" of the EmbeddedObjects manual that you find 
in LyX's Help menu.

> 2. I would like to be able to create the red box link on my footnotes so that 
> I can click on them in the main text, and they can send me directly to the 
> corresponding footnote text at the bottom of the page.

This is done when you enable hyperref in the menu Document->Settings->PDF 
Properties. Note that you then have to use the PDF export/view method pdflatex. 
The other variants don't support all hyperref features.
For more info about hyperref, see sec. 6.9 "PDF Properties" of the LyX 

regards Uwe

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