Guenter Milde <milde <at>> writes:

> It is standard TeX behaviour to let unbreakable words stick into the margin.
> The LaTeX log shows warnings for every such line (often just tiny incursions
> that can be ignored).

Thanks G√ľnter. I've looked through the log and can't find any warnings that
indicate this.
> To find out whether it is a wrapping problem or a problem of the command,
> you might experiment with giving the output of the \cite command directly in
> place of it and see if this wraps well.

Good suggestion. It seems that components of the citation (using \citet) are
broken over the line as one would hope, but individual full words are not
hyphenated. So for example, 'Ramanathan and Feng (2008)' is broken after
Ramanathan, but that word/name itself is not hyphenated and hence spills over
into the margin a little.

I suppose my question is how the cross reference can be specified so that it
breaks between the label and the numerical identifier, which would largely fix
the problem?

At the moment I'm using:

I've tried replacing '~' with a simple space, with '\,' and '\ ' but it still
doesn't break between 'Figure' and the ref label. Shouldn't that be possible?

> > Is this something of a known trap? Any suggestions much appreciated. I
> > realise a sample .lyx file may also help, but these are pretty large and
> > linked to a number of custom modules, plus a parent document, so I haven't
> > attached one (yet). I'm hoping it's more of a general issue...
> Try creating a "minimal working example" from the file, i.e. a test document
> that has everyting that is not needed to reproduce the bug removed. Often
> creating this example already helps towards a solution. In other cases it
> allows interested people to experiment.

Yep, very much understood. I was hoping I could find a solution without having
to go quite that far... :)

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