On 07/25/2012 03:08 PM, Tim Meke wrote:

I would like to use crossreferences like "That statistics leads to see the same conclusion (figure 3)." The word "figure" should be included automatically. I read the manual and tried the formatted cross-reference.

The example from the German manual (EmbeddedObjects, 3.4.1) is, which is my whole preamble :

\newref{abb}{refcmd={Bild auf Seite \pageref{#1}}}

The shortcut I refer to is within the caption of the figure. I use a formatted reference.

In the document preferences I have checked "Use refstyle (instead of prettyref)...".

But in the pdf in just says "(3.1)".

Tested in lyx 2.0.0 and 2.0.4 using Ubuntu 11.10.

How can I accomplish this?

Please post a stripped down, minimal file exhibiting the problem. E.g, one figure, one cross-reference, not much else.


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