I have a mysterious problem.  All of the documents that I created including 
Sweave code using lyx 2.0 fail to compile when I use lyx 2.03. I am running lyx 
using Mac OS Lion.  I have several large documents with lots of Sweave code, so 
until I get this worked out, I won't able to upgrade.

Even the most simple Sweave example taken from the Sweave manual fails to run 
under my 2.03 installation, i.e.:

\SweaveOpts{echo=FALSE}   %turns off (FALSE) or on (TRUE) r code in output
\SweaveOpts{keep.source=TRUE}  %leaves comments in r code
\setkeys{Gin}{width=6 in}
data ( airquality )
k=kruskal.test ( Ozone ~ Month , data = airquality )

The italics are the chunk.

I would be grateful for any ideas about this problem.

My best,

Tom Hobbs

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