You did not read Section 4 carefully. I said in the manual that you
need to open View-->View Messages, and check the messages there. A
simple error dialogue box saying "An error occured while running
Rscript --verbose..." is not helpful for diagnosis at all. BTW, your
document compiles fine under my system (LyX 2.0.4, Ubuntu).

To JMarc: I keep on forgetting a feature request about this problem
and I'm wondering if you could do it. When an error occurs with the
Sweave/knitr module, is it possible for LyX to catch the *real* error
message in R and show it in the error dialogue box instead of just
showing the very vague message "An error occured while running Rscript
--verbose..."? R errors are written to stderr, so in theory it should
be possible. Thanks!

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