Dear LyX Users and Developers,

this is my first post, so to begin with: Hi to All!

For those in a hurry or just interested in my actual question, please skip the next 2 paragraphs.

I am a lecturer and typography hobbyist. I used many LaTeX editors in the past, including GNU Emacs+AUCTeX, Emacs+org-mode and Kile. I am using LyX now for an increasing number of projects. So in essence I am a LyX newcomer.

Coming from Emacs I appreciate the nice builtin documentation. The examples and google searches often get me where I want. I already have a decent setup on my good old faculty machine: Windows XP, MiKTeX and LyX 2.0.4.

So my actual question is essentially the same as has been asked on tex.stackexchange[1] and then on this ML[2]. I could not get ERT alignment to work as mentioned in the Answers.

I have got the following in my Document > Settings > Local Layout:

Format 35
InsetLayout ERT
Align left
    Size Small

The 'Font' part works as expected, the 'Align' bit does not. I am at a loss. I already tried capitalisation and other ad-hoc trial-and-errors.

Any hints?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Michael Bach


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