I've been away from LyX for a while, writing in Vim. I now have a document that 
I need to cut down to 3,500 words from just under 5,000, put references in, and 
get into APA format in Word. Normally, I would dump the draft in Scrivener, do 
this work, then compile for Word. I really want to get completely over into 
working within Vim/LyX/LaTeX. I'm considering dumping the draft in LyX and 
working from within it. My deadline---probably not a hard one---is tomorrow.

Having been away from LyX for a while, I'm a little rusty. I don't know if this 
is even possible. When I click on "View other formats," the RTF format is 
greyed out. If in fact I can compile for or export to RTF, I'd like to give it 
a try.

Es posible?

Eric Weir

"The invincible shield of caring
Is a weapon sent from the sky 
against being dead." 

- Tao Te Ching 67

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