On Wed, 01 Aug 2012 20:15:29 +0100
paul sutton <zl...@zleap.net> wrote:

> Hi
> Now we have the raspberry PI out,  I can perhaps use a raspberry Pi as
> part of a display system for a TV,  sort of scroll through slides etc.
> if i create a presentation in beamer does this allow for auto changing
> of slides as in if I set the pi to auto boot to x, auto login and
> start a presentation,  I want it to run the presentation and when it
> gets to the end,  start over from the beginning without having to
> press a keyboard to go to next slide.
> Just wondered if this is possible or another package should be used.
> Paul

Look at \transduration in the the Beamer User Guide

I haven't used it myself, but it seems as if it should do what you're

Or you could use Impressive
which can be used to automate any PDF presentation.

You might need to write a simple loop in some scripting language (I'd
use Perl, but Python, bash, etc. would work) to repeat the show.


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