Hi All -- 

I am preparing a manuscript according to AEA specs following  
http://wiki.lyx.org/Examples/AEA and using the aea.lyx template.  

I hope to ask a few rudimentary questions 
here, and perhaps ultimately we can improve the wiki.  Here's the first:

1) In aea.lyx, the documentation reads: 

Also, choose typesetting mode as the class option. Available options are:

finalmode to typeset the manuscript for submission for publication
reviewmode to typeset a blind review copy
draftmode to typeset a draft copy with 1.5-line spacing (or your own choice of 

Draftmode is listed by default.  I cannot edit this to finalmode, even upon 
unchecking the box "predefined."  Does anyone know how to change to finalmode?

Thank you!

Specs:  Windows 7, LyX 2.0.4, Miktex 2.9

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