Jannick Asmus <jannick.news <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> > Jannick Asmus wrote:
> >> is it possible to indicate changes of the document in track mode in
> >> the pdf by a vertical bar in the margin area?
> >
> > With pdflatex output:
> >
> > \usepackage[pdftex]{changebar}
> > \renewcommand{\lyxadded}[3]{{\cbstart\color{lyxadded}{}#3\cbend}}
> > \renewcommand{\lyxdeleted}[3]{{\cbstart\color{lyxdeleted}\sout{#3}\cbend}}
> Thx for your quick reply!
> It works pretty well ... except for changes in headings where some nasty
> bracket error in some "section" code shows up. I can very well live with
> that, as with these lines in the preamble any floating text can be 
> tracked
> as expected in the pdf.
> Best wishes,
> J.

Hi Jurgen,

I tried the code you supplied by putting it in the "latex preamble"
of my lyx document. Lyx complained about not finding the proper sty file,
so I figured I needed to install changebar.sty,
and used the MikTex package manager to do that.

Once that hurdle was taken, I got the next error.
My document has a caption as part of a change,
and there seemed to be some bracket mismatch (extra }).
So this seems to be related to the error reported by Jannick.
The headers seem to be doing OK now, I did not get any error in those. 
Should I report the caption error somewhere? Please advise.

After I accepted the change in the caption,
Lyx did not complain anymore, and nice changebars appeared in 
the right margin.

However, it so happens that I use marginal notes in my document,
and they also use the right-hand margin.
The change bars now go straight through the marginal notes. 
Is it possible to use the left-hand margin for the change bars?

Many thanks,


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