On 17/04/2012 10:09 AM, John McKay wrote:
Yeah, I actually tried things like this.  It doesn't seem to work.  Even if you actually modify the 
file and then change it back, LyX still "knows" that the file hasn't "changed."

So, I don't think whatever decision LyX is making is based on the modification 
timestamp.  That would seem to be the easiest way to implement something like 
this, but LyX seems to use other criteria... anyone know what those criteria 

It is actually lilypond-book making those decisions, not LyX, and the decision is based generating a hash from the lilypond code fragments. That lilypond-book does not recognize when you modify an included file is a bug that should be reported to the LilyPond project.

Or, better yet, a way to just tell LyX to re-run Lilypond for all inset files?

Close and reopen the LyX file. LyX will now work from a fresh temporary directory for compilation, and lilypond-book will need to recompile every lilypond code fragment.


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