Hi Jerry,

I am the primary author of eLyXer.

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 4:49 AM, Jerry <lancebo...@qwest.net> wrote:

> Thanks for that tip. I checked it out. It's just a Python thing so it
> works fine on OS X, and LyX picked it up as advertised.

Yes, I can confirm that OS X is fully supported.

> The output on my simple test case does look nice in a browser, but I get
> the same error opening with Word as I first described: "The XML file bla
> bla bla cannot be opened..." etc. I thought maybe my copy of Word was
> broken but it reads other HTML files fine--I'm guessing they don't have the
> XML stuff in them, however.

Word does not like XHTML very much; you need to export to HTML 4, using the
--html option.
If you are doing the conversion inside LyX, instead of on the command line,
you have to add the --html in the conversion interface.

> I checked the HTML file that eLyXer made with the W3C page and got: "The
> uploaded document "-" was successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Transitional."

Yes, eLyXer outputs pure XHTML.

> Also--eLyXer does not appear to use MathML so I don't think there is any
> hope of getting editable math into Word using this method. (But I haven't
> read all of the eLyXer docs.)

eLyXer has several options for Math output:
Sadly, none of them is MathML, since at the time eLyXer was conceived it
was not very widely supported, and I have not found the time to add it.

Hope this helps,

Alex Fernández.

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