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Doug Laidlaw <laidl...@hotkey.net.au> wrote:

> (Re-posted: original seems to have got lost in transit.)
> I am writing a Family History with the koma-book style. I have a
> master document which is little more than a container for the
> chapters.  Each chapter is a separate Lyx file, a child of the master.
> My problem is, that when I print the complete book, each chapter has
> its own 
> empty Contents page, and a concluding identifier page.  How can I
> suppress these, and not have them allowed for in the page numbering?
> It must have been asked many times before.
> Doug.


This should not happen. I do the same thing you are doing all the time
with koma book and never have that problem. I can probably see what the
problem is if you post a sample chapter on the list (or send it to me
offline if you prefer). It's possible the problem is with the master
document, but most likely it is with each chapter document.

The chapter files should contain just the contents of the chapter. The
chapter headings should be in the master document.


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