On 15/01/2013 8:49 PM, Uwe Stöhr wrote:
Am 03.01.2013 13:13, schrieb Julien Rioux:

I have a weird problem...
I have install last version of lilypond and lyx, and try to compile
the lilypond
exemple in the LyX exemple folder.

One of the 2 current limitations of the LyX for Windows installer is the
missing support for LilyPond.
Implementing this is the current item on my ToDo list.

LyX will detect lilypond if you set the PATH in LyX and reconfigure, although automatic detection at install time would of course be nice. Let us know which installer this is, and I'll give it a try.

Note also that the last time I tried to get LilyPond to work with LyX I
encountered a bug in LilyPond that only affects paths on Windows. Maybe
your problem is related. I'll try this as soon as I ind the time.

regards Uwe

I think those bugs have been fixed. I have had good reports from windows users using lilypond version 2.16.2.


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