Am 17.01.2013 um 20:07 schrieb Junchao Zhang <>:

> Dear all,
>   I installed hunspell, then I installed Lyx.

Dear Junchao,

hunspell and LyX are two independent programs. LyX has builtin hunspell support 
or not.

> When I configured Lyx, I could see Lyx found hunspell.

I understand this as: you can see hunspell as available spell checker in 
preferences, right?

>   I set 
>     export DICPATH=/home/jczhang/usr/share/dict/
>     export DICTIONARY=en_US
>   in my bashrc
>   If I invoke hunspell -D, it will give
> AVAILABLE DICTIONARIES (path is not mandatory for -d option):
> /home/jczhang/usr/share/dict//en_US
> /home/jczhang/usr/share/dict//en_AU
> /home/jczhang/usr/share/dict//en_CA
> ...
> /home/jczhang/usr/share/dict//en_US.aff
> /home/jczhang/usr/share/dict//en_US.dic
> Hunspell 1.3.2
>   I choose the spellchecker engine in Lyx as hunspell.  
>   However, when I do spellcheck in Lyx, it just pops a window "Spell checker 
> has no dictionaries", and no other clues.

LyX does not find the dictionaries in your home directory. 
You have to point it there in LyX path's preferences.
Try to enter /home/jczhang/usr/share/dict and see if it helps.


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