Ray Rashif wrote:
> The text before and after only helps for single citations - they are
> totally useless for multiple citations. For e.g., "p. 12" in the text after
> field meant for the author "Doe" would appear as "Doe, 1992; Gorham, 2003,
> p. 12". The text before and after fields are only for the entire citation
> string - they do not act per citation key. There are hundreds of citations
> in this paper (already has these citations, I just need to add page numbers
> now) so I can't possibly go back and separate out each key.
> Now, is there any other trick to accomplish this?

Not with traditional BibTeX, AFAIK. Biblatex offers so-called "Qualified 
Citation Lists" which do what you want (see sec. 3.7.3 of the biblatex 
manual), but those are not yet natively supported by LyX.

So I fear your only way is to split up those complex citations to single ones.


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