On 2013-01-23, Frédéric Parrenin wrote:

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> Dear all,

> I copied some sections of a lyx document to another lyx document and the
> copied text is underlined.

> I could not find any way to remove this text property and would appreciate
> any help on this.

> Best regards,

The most usual reason for this (if it is a blue underline) is, that the
copied text is given a language (or language variant) tag that differs
from the document default language. (LyX/LaTeX can handle parts in
different languages in one document - with correct language-dependent
hyphenation and auto-generated text.)

You might see "language: ..." in the status line on the bottom of the LyX

If the text parts are really in different languages, just leave the line as
a reminder (you can also disable the underlingin somewhere in the settings).

To "unify" the language setting, select the underlined text (or the whole
document) and change the language setting under Edit>Languages
(or Edit>Text Settings>Custom ...).

Hope this helps.


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