On Thu, 24 Jan 2013, Jean-Marie Pacquet wrote:

You get two copies because you are using the backaddress in the preamble.
You should uncomment the corresponding line in the preamble like this:
,backaddress=false% print the back address?


  I did not see that the default for backaddress is false. That solves the

It seems to me that adding the letterhead by using the "Sender Address" is
not the right way to do it. You should customize the "DIN.lco" options
file that you are using. Have a look at my NFpro.lco here:

  I agree that 'Sender Address' should not be there, but I did not find an
alternative yesterday. I will look at your .lco and modifly DIN.lco as soon
as I understand it.

I still use KOMA-Script letter2 class from time to time with Lyx version 2.

  It does result in better looking letters.

  On a related question, is there an environment that will put the
recipients address, date, and page number in the upper left of continuation
pages (i.e., those after the first page?) That is standard for business
letters in the US and works better than having the page number centered in
the footer.

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