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> On Jan 25, 2013, at 1:27 AM, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
> > I have in the pas used Tex2word from Chikrii software with success. 
> > Equationa are correctly translated in this case, figures not, 
> > but I prefer to include them in the optimal format for Word myself. 
> > This is commercial software (a plugin for Word), but it is not expensive 
> > and has even a lower education pricing policy. 
> > It uses MathType (but the free version of it is enough). 
> > Murat
> > 
> Thanks for that information, Murat. Indeed, Tex2word was one of the 
> Windows products that I saw near the top of a Google search.

> One question about Word that I have not answered for myself 
> is the relation between (on the Mac) Word 2011 and older versions of Word. 
> The 2011 version has a built-in equation-setting function 
> while older versions of Word used MathType, a separate program. 
> I think this development has paralleled Word on Windows. 
> So my question is, is the newer version just a better-integrated version 
> of MathType or did Microsoft make their own? 
> I gather that they are not compatible with one another.

No, they aren't (same in the Word-for-Windows since version 2007). They
are completely different and it is not possible (afaik) to convert one
into the other, and I also don't know any converter which is able to
convert the new format into anything else - although the notation for
inputting equations in the new editor is much like LaTeX. 
The old one is still delivered with Word 2007 and 2010 for Windows (I
don't know about the Mac) but only available on the ribbon if the file
format is set to "Word 97-2003-document".
Some publishers ask not to use the new equation editor but the old
(MathType compatible) one when submitting an article as Word file.

Wilfried Hennings

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