Coen van Hasselt <> írta:

>I want to turn off printing of DOIs in my BibTex bibliography in Lyx.
>When I try to add the option doi=false under Document settings ->
>Bibliography -> Bibliography generation -> Options
>the bibliography is not generated anymore (i.e. question mark for
>citation and empty bibliography). How can I set this option via Lyx ?


I guess you cannot do this, that is control bibliography output style, in lyx.
How the bibliography looks is determined by the bibliograpy style file (.bst 
file). When you insert bibliography in lyx, you have to select the bibtex 
database file (.bib) file and the style file (.bst). The bst file controls how 
the citations and the bibliography are formatted. You can choose predefined bst 
files or you can create one according to your liking. Creating a bst file is 
not the easiest at first, it takes some time to learn it. I am aware of two 
tools for creating bst style files:

1. custom-bib package for tex/latex (

2. Java based bib-it program has a style file generator module.

Maybe the second one is easier to use.
One can control which keys in what order should be in a bibliography item (and 
citations as well) and how they are formatted.



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