2013/2/6 Dr. Gyorgy Pota:
> I use husort.pl, a perl program for making index according to the Hungarian
> alphabet. In Lyx I write this command to the place that opens with
> Output/Latex/Custom. When I  use the program with the makeindex parameters
> -c -q then it works but does not differentiate between the accented letters
> and their normal counterparts, that is members of the pairs a, á; e, é; u, ü
> etc. are the same. However, the program is allowed to run with the
> parameters --sort-hu -a as well, which, in principle give the full solution
> to the accented letter problem. In Lyx the program runs with these
> parameters but without making any index. Would you help me, please?

I don't know this script, but if it is run _instead_ of makeindex, I
would place the command at
Tools > Preferences > Output > LaTeX (set the Index Processor to
"Custom" and add the command below).

Another option for correct Hungarian sorting might be xindy, which is
very good at sorting in different languages.


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