Justin Wood wrote:
> > Could the problem be that I'm using XeTeX rather than default LaTeX?
> I think I answered my own question there. It seems to come down to that issue:
> no easy route from XeTeX to LaTeX for latex2rtf to work. Kinda obvious I 
> guess!

I have no answer to your original question (how to set up latex2rtf in
LyX), but want to point out that latex2rtf itself doesn't care whether
the document is designed for LaTeX of XeTeX -- I recently converted a
XeTeX document with latex2rtf. Successful conversion rather depends on
whether the document restricts to the packages supported by latex2rtf.

The only caveat is that the current distribution of latex2rtf can
convert equations of a document needing XeTeX to rtf (EQ fields) but not
to bitmaps or eps, because the script latex2png only tries latex or
pdflatex. I already modified the latex2png script so that it now also
tries xetex, but this is not yet in the latex2rtf distribution, only in
the svn branch on sourceforge.

Wilfried Hennings

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