On 2013-03-18, Uwe Ade wrote:
> Hallo Jürgen,

> hmm, I didn´t get the branches to work. I define the branches in den
> the masters. In Dokument/Einstellungen/Unterdokumente they are a
> listed. No I make a branch called "Zusatzinfo" in the Mastedocument.  I
> found no way, to make this branch visible in the Child-Document. 

You need to create the branches in both, master and child. If the name is
the same, they are "linked":

* the active/inactive setting in the child is used if the child document is
  compiled separately.  
* the active/inactive setting in the master overrides the child-setting if
  the master document is compiled.
This is useful for parts you want to have in the child document if compiled
separately but not if it is included (e.g. math-macro definitions or the

Create a "Zusatzinfo" branch also in the child and try how it works.


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