On 11/05/2012 10:50 AM, Alex Vergara Gil wrote:

I have a system with windows 7 which have previously installed python
2.6 for the use of GIMP, this sofware do use python for a lot of things
so I cannot remove it from the system. I want to install LyX in this
system but when I do that all goes wrong because all the python scripts
refers to the python 2.6 already installed instead of the correct python
inside LyX....

This should be fixed since a while. Please test it out by reinstalling LyX using the latest version.
Reopen bug
if you still have problems.

regards Uwe

Dear Uwe
This is an old message, nevertheless I have solved it by updating both GIMP and LyX to the newest versions so both now use the same python sources. Anyway if LyX still refer statically to python under it directory I see no reason for the conflict. I think this is an already solved bug. Alex

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