I'm using Bundle: LyX-2.0.6-Bundle-2.exe to install.

Installed on an XP machine and a Win7starter netbook
with no problems.

But I really need the code on my main machine which
is a Win7pro(64bit).

Install using all the defaults.

Everything in MikTek is where it should be and the path
to latex is fine.  Latex runs.  LyX has the right paths.

I'm going to focus on article.cls but it applies to all the
classes and so forth.

All of these are in the MikTex distribution and can be
found by file search to match the location called out
in LyX's 'TeX Information' dialog.

Loading 'Intro' from Help shows 'article.cls not available.

It is pretty clear that during install configure.py didn't
fun nor does it run with the Tool->Reconfigure menu.

Using cmd.exe in admin mode I ran (from the LxY top
python\python resources\configure.py

This works fine and article.cls is found (with everything

Five files are generated:
Directory of C:\LyX206

7/07/2013  04:08 PM            47,620 configure.log
7/07/2013  04:08 PM             9,245 lyxmodules.lst
7/07/2013  04:08 PM            13,839 lyxrc.defaults
7/07/2013  04:08 PM             1,233 packages.lst
7/07/2013  04:08 PM             6,874 textclass.lst

These I copied to the Resources folder replacing the
defective ones.

Restart LyX again and sure enough article.cls not

Don't know what else to do.

many thanks


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