Hi all,

I'm making a postprocessor to make the output of LyX's LyXHTML
xhtml export more compatible with ePub. Before I code my postprocessor,
I'd like to know the design intent of the LyXHTML exporter, so I don't
accidentally throw away a good thing.

First, I notice every container start tag is followed by an anchor with
an id like "magicparlabel-1140", like this:

<div class="standard"><a id='magicparlabel-1140' />

1) What was the reason you gave an <a> to every container?
2) Why did you use an <a> instead of
   <div class="standard" id='magicparlabel-1140'>
3) Why did you use doublequotes in the class, but singlequotes in the
   <a> id?

I have some questions about your mapping in xhtml exports of sectional
type environments to <h1>-<h6>. On the conversion of my book, Part and
Chapter both map to <h1>, with Section mapping to <h2>, Subsection to
<h3>, and so on. Did you do that so you wouldn't run past <h6>? If not,
what was the reason? 

By the way, I've written code to put them in the order desired by the
person doing the conversion. It probably wouldn't be hard to modify my
code so anything lower than <h6> would get mapped to <div class="h7",

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for, in your xhtml conversion, passing
through every single environment and character style I used in my
book, and making CSS styles for them. That's a class act, and the single
most important thing in converting to ePub. The person doing the
conversion can pretty much kludge, freelance and hack everything else,
but those other exports that drop styles on the floor or prematurely
convert them to appearance make it easier to just write the whole thing
over again in HTML. This one feature of eLyXer's xhtml conversion, so
rare among converters, make any other hassles completely liveable.



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