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I am writing a book using LyX, and I have a question regarding
the formula numbering. An exclusive way to add and reference the formula
numbers seems to be via "equation labels". This works, but appears
rather irritating when one has to invent unique names for hundreds of
equations. Is there no simpler way? I do not quite understand why these
labels must be used, in the situation when LyX seems to keep track
of every new equation all the time, and updates the equation numbers
automatically. It would be much easier just to refer to the various
equations by these formula numbers, without having
to use additional labels.

What happens, then, when you add a new equation somewhere in
the middle of the document?

Are there no plans to introduce such an improvement into LyX?

There has often been talk about automatic labelling, so that the
equation would have its own "magic" label, so to speak, and you
could reference it without needing to make up a label. But no one
has found the need pressing enough to do it.

Still, making up a label isn't that hard, and it can make it easier
to remeber which equation you want to reference later. You can
of course just use numbers if you wish.


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