Thanks Scott !

I was able to figure out how to transfer from Lyx to Latex.

I just didn't find how to use the argument(s) in the Lyx part of the .layout
format file. Another way to put it, I didn't find the equivalent in Lyx of
the Latex #1 : I tried Argument1, arg1, etc. with no success. Is there a way
to use the argument(s) in the Lyx part ?

Thanks again for this promising 2.1 new feature !


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On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 4:09 AM, LDF(f) <> wrote:

> I didn't see anything in the documentation nor in the examples here and
> there, that could be used to enter parameters for a custom layout.

This is a new feature in 2.1. You can try the beta if you want:

See 5.3.6  Paragraph styles in the LyX 2.1 Help > Customization
manual. Look for "argument" in that section.


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