Wolfgang Engelmann <engelm...@uni-tuebingen.de> írta:

>I am using 2.0.6

That is the latest stable version. I thought you worked with older version
since there is no tools>output>latex> Bibliography Processor menu
in lyx 2.0.6. Now I see you only left out 'Preferences' step.

>### here I meant the 'et al' after more then 2 authors in a (one!)
>author 1
>author 1 and author 2
>author 1 et all (3 authors or more)

I still don't get it. Could you please give some real example embedded
in text? Anyway the et al. is handled automatically by bibtex.
If there is only one author the output is: (author year)
2 authors, output: (author1 and author2 year)
3 author, output: (author1 et al. year).

You find more examples in the natbib manual, Section 2.3 Basic
Citation Commands.

I suggest that you create a new file and insert only short text in it with
different citations and look at the output. Experience with it.

>### I guess there is a 'normal' place? I have it now in .lyx/layouts

I always keep the specific style along with the document.
I keep different documents in separate directories with the necessary
files (images, bibtex database and style file etc.).

So if I want to transfer/copy the document to another computer I transfer
the whole document directory. 


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