On 09/04/2013 01:30 PM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:


I am using lyx 2.0.6 on debian and tried (again), to get the spellchecker working; however


is greyed out; therefore I can not select

enchant or other spellchecker, which I have installed on my debian wheezy.

Hmm. I have essentially the same setup, and it works for me. Now. the spellchecker was greyed out when I did not have a file loaded into LyX, but once I did it became available, and enchant (same version) appears.

Maybe there is a problem due to language settings, but other than that we should have the same behavior. Also the same, my configure.log file makes no mention of "spell" or "enchant", so that may not be part of what is configured, although it seems it should be.


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