On 5/09/2013 10:41 a.m., Andrew Parsloe wrote:
On 5/09/2013 8:33 a.m., David R. José wrote:
Found it!
Creating a copy of cmaple.exe with the name maple.exe and pointing the
LyX path to \bin.win\ at the Maple dir does the deal.
Guess there should be a Help Section were we could put this info :)
Unfortunately the two CAS able to interact with LyX in Win7 are paid.
Maybe there is also a workaround for Maxima, which would help the
freeware and open source cause :)


On my Windows Vista laptop I've installed Maxima to E:\Program
files\Maxima-5.25.1-gcl. In LyX 2.0.6 I've added the following to the
end of the PATH prefix: setting (under Tools > Preferences > Paths)

;E:\Program files\Maxima-5.25.1-gcl\bin

The bin contains maxima.exe (and various other .exe files as well as
maxima.bat). Whatever LyX is looking for, it finds it there. When I
write 1+1 in a maths inset and go through the labyrinth Edit > Math >
Use Computer Algebra System > Maxima, after a little pause the inset
changes to 1+1=2. (Incidentally, if I *select* 1+1 and then activate
Maxima, the inset changes to 1+1= without the 2. The selection confuses


A small correction: the bin folder contains xmaxima.exe (rather than maxima.exe).


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