direct search:
                 xdvi -nofork -sourceposition "$$n $$t" $$o -editor 
" %f

"-nofork" part is needed because of the pipe?

I guess: the point is that without -nofork if you have xdvi already open,
lyx starts a new instance every time you execute direct search.
I also addedd the -editor option.

Have you really tried without nofork option?
I just tried the standard call
xdvi -sourceposition 445:example.tex example.dvi
and no new instance was opened, instead it correctly jumped in already existing

Yes, I really tried both and it was like I described. I am sure: I clearly remember having two open instances of xdvi. But now I tried again and it works correctly even without the nofork options.

I can't understand what is happening! I am puzzled. :(


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