On Monday 11 November 2013 11:12:46 Stephan Witt wrote:
> Am 11.11.2013 um 10:03 schrieb Philipp Gröne 
> > Hi!
> > 
> > more serious:
> > if I try to export a pdf output from my document, I get
> > 
> > ! Package babel Error: Unknow option `ngerman'. Either you misspelled
> > it (babel)                or the language definition file ngerman.ldf
> > was not found.
> > 
> >  and no output.
> > 
> > I use lyx 2.0.6-1+b1 and texlive 2013 under Debian
> > 
> > I had the same error while compiling documents, I solved it by
> > manually deleting all lines from the document in question which
> > contained "/ngerman". (By opening them in a text editor and using the
> > search feature) This worked like a charm.
> > 
> > This can be due to sheer luck, it is possible that this opens a can of
> > worms in other documents. I advice to make backups before editing the
> > source document manually.
> > 
> > (By the way, just commenting it out by adding a # to the beginning of
> > the line in question did not work.)
> > 
> > If you want to install more packages instead try either
> > "texlive-lang-german" or "texlive-lang-all".
> I guess it's the same problem others mentioned already on this list:
> It looks like the package dependencies of "modern" Linux systems doesn't
> include the language packages of TeX-Live anymore.
> Please check if you have the needed language packs of TeX-Live
> installed.
> Editing the LyX files manually seems like a very fragile option to solve
> this.
> Stephan

I guess I need texlive-lang-all
which is not in the texlive 2013 of synaptic, but in texlive 2012

If I select this for installation, synaptic is going to remove a lot of 
texlive and other stuff, which I hesitate to do.
If I try to install texlive-lang-all by apt-get install,
I get

root@wolfgang:/home/we# apt-get install texlive-lang-all
Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.       
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig
Einige Pakete konnten nicht installiert werden. Das kann bedeuten, dass
Sie eine unmögliche Situation angefordert haben oder, wenn Sie die
Unstable-Distribution verwenden, dass einige erforderliche Pakete noch
nicht erstellt wurden oder Incoming noch nicht verlassen haben.
Die folgenden Informationen helfen Ihnen vielleicht, die Situation zu 

Die folgenden Pakete haben unerfüllte Abhängigkeiten:
 texlive-lang-all : Hängt ab von: texlive-lang-latvian (>= 2012.20120516) 
soll aber nicht installiert werden
and so on in a long list

what to do??


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