On 2013-11-11, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> On Monday 11 November 2013 14:27:30 Guenter Milde wrote:


>> If you plan to typeset German documents or mixed-language documents
>> containing German parts, install texlive-lang-german.

>> > Please check if you have the needed language packs of TeX-Live
>> > installed.
>> > 
>> > Editing the LyX files manually seems like a very fragile option to
>> > solve this.

>> This is only an option, if the use of "ngerman" is not intended and
>> there is no German text in the document.

> It is a purely (American)English chapter for a Springer book (except some 
> of the references, which are in German or French).

In this case, manually removing ngerman (or, if the references are part of
the document, not included via BibTeX, changing the language to English) may
be a last resort.

Generally, I would install and use the language package(s) even for just
one German or French reference title. This ensures proper hyphenation in a
more fail-proof way.


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