I'm currently trying to write a lyx module (for my own use, though it
may end up on github eventually) that roughly imitates for Python what
knitr/sweave are doing with R:

- Provide an inset for noweb-like code blocks
- Run the file through a pre-processor to interpret those blocks
- Continue Latex compilation with the output inserted.

The first prototype seems to work, but it took quite a bit of
configuring. Adding the module was easy enough (putting the .module in
~/.lyx/layouts, the Python script in ~/.lyx/scripts), but I had to
manually add the file formats and converters to the settings; something
pyweave->latex : python3 $$s/scripts/python-weave.py $$i $$o

Is there any way to set up stuff like that automatically with an
installation script? Ideally, I'd want to package the module so I can
install it on other systems without manually configuring anything.


(using a 2.1.0 build compiled from git)

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