2014-04-06 14:39 GMT+02:00 stefano franchi:

> > Do I need to say natbib=true? Because I said so already in my
> preferences.
> You do. The preference on settings is for LyX. The "natbib=true" is for
> biblatex. You need both.
More precisely: You need both if you want to use author-year citation
support of LyX for biblatex. "natbib=true" simply enables natbib syntax in
biblatex (i.e., \citep, \citealt etc. in addition to biblatex's own
commands, \textcite, \parencite etc.). You can use biblatex for author-year
citations without "natbib=true", and actually, this is the preferred
approach from the biblatex POV. However, LyX currently does not support
biblatex's own commands, so you would have to enter these in TeX mode
(ERT). The "natbib=true" trick in conjunction with the biblatex.module
provided on the wiki allows you to use biblatex with LyX _as if_ you would
use natbib. In a way, we fool both biblatex and LyX in order to let them

These workarounds will hopefully vanish eventually (once someone has
volunteered to implement native biblatex support in LyX, which is quite a
big task).


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