José Matos <jamatos <at>> writes:

> On Friday 02 May 2014 18:33:45 Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> > I doubt that. The document is rather simple, and Hugh wrote he cannot 
> > any document.
> Oops, I did not read all the details. I am sorry for making wrong claims. 
> > I suspected lyx2lyx fails for some reason (python problem?), that's why I
> > looked at the rpm and check the path to lyx2lyx on Fedora, so that Hugh 
> > check what happens if he runs lyx2lyx on the file manually.
> > 
> > Jürgen
> It is weird indeed since lyx requires lyx-common so lyx2lyx should be 
available. Python is a central part of
> a Fedora installation, it is not possible to remove it and lyx2lyx only 
requires the standard library.

If I need to I can just move to Fedora 20 (I am currently using 19). Just let 
me know if I should do that.


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