aparsloe wrote:

> I was hasty in my response. In Adobe Reader X, under the Edit menu,
> there's the option Take a Snapshot. I assume this is the "embedded tool"
> referred to. When I copy a figure from the pdf and then go to paste it
> into LyX I get asked first to save the file, always as an .emf file
> although that can be changed to .png if I wish. The first one I paste
> into LyX reproduces the copied figure. Copying and pasting other figures
> (after saving in .emf format) generally insert into LyX  figures that
> are about 25 times too big. I have to scale to about 4% for the Adobe
> --> LyX --> Adobe round trip to reproduce a figure about the size of the
> original. But this doesn't happen always and seems to depend on whether
> I've saved a file at some point as .png (which seems to paste at the
> right size). So, it works for a one-off, but clearly not flawlessly for
> a number of copy-pastes.

Strange. We need somebody to debug LyX on windows.


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