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I am working through some formatting revisions from my thesis office and have a 
couple of initial questions:

1.  My degree on the cover page was originally written on one line but it is 
supposed to use three lines and double spaced.  I have it set to three lines 
now but cannot get it double spaced.  Also, when I move it to three lines a new 
blank page is created at the beginning of the document causing the title page 
to become a numbered page.  Instead, the vertical whitespace surrounding the 
degree title should simply be reduced to accommodate.  

I tried to fix this by adding \begin{doublespace} and \end{doublespace} around 
the degree title in the preamble but this resulted in errors so I am still 
stuck on this one.

2.  I have a numbered list where the spacing between each number is greater 
than the spacing of the rest of the document.  The space before the first 
number and after each subsequent number should be the same double space as the 
rest of the document and the double spacing occurring within each numbered 
item.  It looks like I should use the Enumitem package to fix this but I’m only 
finding examples on how to use it to change horizontal spacing, not vertical.  
Could someone help with this?  
I managed to fix this one after some more lengthy searching.  I added the 
following to my preamble:

% no big dumb spaces inbetween list items                                   
% no big dumb spaces inbetween list items                                   


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