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Insert > Formatting > Vertical space instead of just adding empty lines.  
Then, VFill is a stretchable vertical space that could help you keep the  
things on one page.  

This would work if the cover page was actually written in LyX but instead it is 
defined in the class file.  I specify the degree type in the preamble .  I 
manage to remove the blank page being created but the way the degree is defined 
in the class I am not sure how to break it up.

        A \@thesistype ~submitted to the faculty of\\ 
        The University of Utah\\ 
        in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
      \@degree \\

You can see the \@degree\\ simply takes what is written in the preamble and 
pastes in there as one line rather than “Master of Science” double space “In” 
double space “Nuclear Engineering”  I managed to get it formatted properly by 
adding the following in the class file after \@degree \\

 \@degree \\
          \mbox{} \\
          in \\
          \mbox{} \\
          Nuclear Engineering \\
          \mbox{} \\

I would like to make this a little more robust and allow for others to use the 
class file without having to edit it as much as I have.  In the preamble I 
specify the degree by entering after the \degree{} entry so I tried to add 
something like \degreein{} where someone can enter the information and replaced 
“Nuclear Engineering” in the class file with \@degreein but I get compile 
errors.  Is there a better way to go about this?


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