On June 4, 2014 at 15:32:27 PM, Benedict Holland (benedict.m.holl...@gmail.com) 
Would you be willing to do this in ERT? I find that the first page, cover page, 
etc. are notoriously difficult to get correctly specified in Lyx. The ERT would 
be someting like

Also, it might be linebreak but I think it should be newline. Honestly, I find 
that if I have to edit or modify class files and the like, I just find a 
library to do it for me and write it up in latex. It seems to be much easier 
that way. 


Masters of Science \newline
in \newline
Nuclear Engineering \newline



I have no problem going the ERT route, especially since it is scattered all 
throughout my document.  Implementing this looks like it works though.  Hard to 
know exactly if the spacing is correct until I print it out and measure it like 
the thesis editors but all appears correct.


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