Steve Burnham írta:
>I have a BibTeX generated list of references that is doing one entry 
>incorrectly. As sen in the attached picture there is a period being placed 
>after the question mark. I need to remove this period but am I having 
>difficulty doing so. I found this 
> tried to implement it by adding the \killpunct after the question mark in my 
>.bib file and then added \newcommand{\killpunct}[1]{} to my preamble. Upon 
>compilation I get an error that there is a built in limit of 9 arguments. 
>Searching around it seems like there are some fixes to overcome this 
>limitation but nothing straightforward and all involve lots of programming in 
>LaTeX, which I am not comfortable with. Is there any easy fix to remove the 
>offending period?--Steve Burnham


I guess the problem is the bst file. It should not add the dot after given 
characters as ? !.
Nevertheless I would check first the database file if the title has as "?" or 
"?.". If it's the latter correcting it might help.

If the database entry is correct you have two options.

1. Find or create a bst file which makes correct output. makebst (custom-bst ) 
generated bst files never does not have this issue (at least never had it for 

2. Compile the document manually as:
--Export the lyx file as plain latex (tex) file from lyx. Make sure the paths 
for the bst and bib files are correct in the tex file.
--In a console (or dos window) navigate to the directory where the file is 
--run pdflatex on the file ("pdflatex filename.tex") This creates a bbl file in 
the directory.
--run bibtex ("bibtex filename" without extension or "bibtex filename.aux".
--In the directory now you should see a file "filename.bbl". Look for bbl 
--Edit the bbl file: search for the incorrect entry and correct it, save the 
edited file.
--Now run again "pdflatex filename.tex" one, two, or even more time until all 
the citations, references, cross references in the file are inserted correctly.

You can use latex insted of pdflatex if want dvi output.


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