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>  Hi everyone,
> A couple of questions, please: Is necesary to save the both .png (or .jpg)
> file and lyx document? Is there any way to import definetly the image files
> to lyx document? If I erase the .png/.jpg file from the folder, I will not
> be able to open the full document.
> Hi Rafa,

LyX (and LaTeX) cannot embed an image file in its document. It only inserts
the reference to the file on disk. So, no, there is no way to import the
image into the lyx file.

That being said, LyX can collect all the files it references (including
images) into a single folder and zip it. The final result is perhaps not
very different from what you're looking for: a single file (zipped)
containing the text and all the images present in your document.
You can try out this method by going to File>>Export>>LyX Archive



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