I retryed again and now got the PythonGraphics>LyX converter after reconfiguring, but running it gives me:

LaTeX Warning: File `0_home_we_Lyx_PhytonGraphics_example.pdf' not found on inp

ut line 80.
shouldn't it load example.pygr, which I selected in my folder PhytonGraphics containing all the files supplied by Alex?
Do I have to use instead of view>pdflatex something else for export?

! Package pdftex.def Error: File `0_home_we_Lyx_PhytonGraphics_example.pdf' not


See the pdftex.def package documentation for explanation.

Type H <return> for immediate help.


Am 10.06.2014 09:00, schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann:

Am 09.06.2014 21:42, schrieb Alex Vergara Gil:
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   where in lyx is this done?-->
   Define a new converter from Python graphics to EPS as

   python $$i $$o


If you have followed the little manual you know in tools - preferences there is two options, one that says file types and the other says converters
in the first you define the Python graphics file type
in the second you define the converter


Thanks Alex, still not there.

First: Could one change in the instruction of the PythonGraphics.lyx
Define a new file format, name it Python graphics, extension pygr and vector image format ticked to: Define a new file format in tools>preferences, name it Python graphics, extension pygr and vector image format ticked

Second: in Converters - Converter Definitions I guess I have to add python $$i $$o in the Converter: line. However, Add on the right side of the Converter Definitions is greyed out. So, how do I do that?


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