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> If one wants to use a figure in PythonGraphics which needs an external
> data set, how is this achieved?
> Wolfgang

What lyx does, if configured as described earlier, is simply

1) running the Python (or whatever language) script (saved in a file with
the extension pygr and e.g. the name MyScript.pygr) to generate a graphic of a 
given format (lets assume
eps) with the name MyScript.eps
2) converts the MyScript.eps to .png for preview
3) converts the MyScript.eps to the format required by the output format
(e.g. .pdf for pdflatex)

The question how to use external datasets to generate the graphic is a
pure Python question and has nothing to do with LyX: if the Python script is
executed from the command line and generates a MyScript.eps graphic it
should work in LyX as well.



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