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> Le 11 juin 2014 à 16:07, Ross Reyes <philip_...@yahoo.com> a écrit :
> Hi Alex,
> I still get the "error converting to loadable format" message.
> I can run the python script from the command line and it does work.   I can
> and have modified the .pygr script to produce other outputs in .png, .jpg, 
> .ps, etc.
> without problem.
> But inside LyX, regardless of what I do to define the converter,  I can not 
> get the image
> to render nor can I produce a .pdf output from the LyX doc.
> Something is not right.   I am using LyX 2.0.1

The converters are defined in the configuration file LyX. If you could take a 
loom at it and post the lines where you file formats and the converters are 
defined, one could see if there is something wrong. I don't have LyX at hand, 
so I can't give you the location of the config file. 



> Phil

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